Katie Price Teeth

Katie's teeth are nowadays whiter than white but they are also removable!  That's why they look so big. They actually fit over her laser bleached teeth.

How to Have Teeth Like Katie Price

There are several methods to achieve unnatural white teeth.  Teeth bleaching is available all over the UK now.  Most dentists offer a course of teethe bleaching and we have seen prices as low as £99.  You can also get Home Teeth Whitening kits - these consist of a gum shield with which you fill with the mild bleaching gel (supplied).

Then there is laser teeth whitening.  We have also seen this advertised for £99 a session but the advert failed to mention how many sessions a person needs.

A more drastic option is to have white veneers attached to all of your teeth.  When this method was first introduced prices were at least £200 per tooth but if you look around nowadays you will find cheaper prices.

Cosmetic Dentistry Holidays

If money is no object then do like Katie Price and find one of the best (if not the best) cosmetic dentists in LA and book yourself in as soon as possible.  A cheaper option is a Cosmetic Dentistry Holiday in Prague.